Finland: a family break on the Åland islands

White nights in Finlands Åland archipelago offer Amelia Gentleman and her kids a magical experience of log cabins and carefree cycling

At midnight there is a long orange streak of sunset across the horizon and the colour of the sky is just past dusk. As we wait for the last ferry back to Helsinki, there are tantalising strains of nightclub music and the raucous, drunken, happy noise of young people, who have just graduated from college, walking along the harbour, looking for a bar. Later, when the ship leaves, the green silhouettes of the islands weve been staying on are visible in the fading light long after midnight.

This disorientating feeling of the Nordic white nights makes a holiday on the Åland islands unsettling and unusual. It is light when you go to sleep and dawn if you wake at four in the morning; no one feels inclined to sleep too much.

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